WP Deliver. No.DeliverableLead Beneficiary
11.1Relevant properties of NPs to engage with endogenous processes definedUNIMA
11.2Validation of use of endogenous processes by model carrier particlesSDU
11.3Outline of expected degradation and clearance outcomes of NP carriers.UNIMA
11.4Synthesis and characterization of chemical purity of carriers, as well as embedded materials.UNIMA
11.5In depth physiochemical characterization of all carriers in situ prior to and during uptake and final sub-cellular localisation / following transcytosis.NUID UCD
11.6Redesigned nano-carriers according to a basic parameter set (size, shape, surface, bionanointerface).SDU
22.1Characterization of cellular functions (cell lines, primaries, endothelia and epithelia restored functions –transcytosis etc.). HZI
22.2Reconstruction of relevant barrier components and assessment of nanocarrier interactions HZI
22.3Standardised biological fluid environment to ensure representative ‘protein corona’ around particles.NUID UCD
22.4Time-resolved intra-barrier nanoparticle distributions in presence of stress or other environmental conditions.ACS
22.5Analytical tools for tracking & extraction of NPs along uptake/translocation pathways. MPG
33.1Cross-platform protocols in vivo dosingKCL
33.2Protocols for primary cells and tissue extractionUNIVBRIS
33.3Classification and analysis of relevant (species dependent) mucousKCL
44.1Creation of data-basing toolsNUID UCD
44.2Database of characterized endogenous pathways in cells and biological barriersMPG
44.3Computational modelling of barrier crossingEPOS
55.1-5.6Periodical scientific and collaboration (secondments) progress reportsNUID UCD, All
55.7-5.15Periodical reports of fellows’ seminar and congress presentations / participationNUID UCD, All
55.16Fellows’ PhD thesisAll
55.17Report of fellows selection and appointmentNUID UCD, All
55.18-5.32Periodical reports of fellows’ proficiency, rotations, participation in journal clubsNUID UCD, All
55.33Report of fellows completion of graduate courses NUID UCD, All
55.34-5.36Periodical reports of fellows participation to training courses and activitiesNUID UCD, All
55.37-5.38Mid-term and final reports of PathChooser research & training outcomesNUID UCD, All
66.1Development of a websiteAll
66.2Report on the Mechanisms of nanoparticle passage across biological barriers. All fellows will disseminate their results at this conference KCL, All
66.3Report on Meet-the-Manager Workshop. All fellows are required to take partAll
66.4Report on the Therapeutic strategies involving nanoparticles actively transporting across biological barriers International conference on. All fellows will disseminate their results at this conferenceEPOS, All