A Big Aim

Humans have always been curious and it has been curiosity to push our species’ evolution. Man wants to discover the realty and to use his knowledge to manipulate the world, not only in order to adapt the environment to him but even to adapt him to the environment, as in the case of medicine. This desire to know and to improve things inside and outside himself is part of his adaptation mechanism. Humans have to fight to keep their place in the Universe. This shows how science is not an end to itself but is fundamental for our species. The modern science is very different from the early one. Nowadays, little is left to be exploited with a classical approach to research. If Man would have not dared to invent devices to investigate more than our five senses allows him to do, science would have stopped years ago. But Man wanted to challenge himself beyond the visible and this is the Era of Nanotechnologies. This new field, that investigates and invents at the nano-level is so broad that is not really a new discipline, but actually is a new way to do science. At this level, in fact, any material changes its properties and Physics, Chemistry and Biology melt together. This is the reason why it needs to span our knowledge in several fields to work in nanotechnologies. It is not important if you are a chemist, a physicist, a biologist or a medical doctor but it is needed to become a bit of each. Working in nanotechnologies makes us scientists.

In science, cooperation is also important. Humans cooperate to reach a goal and they are even able to do so without limits of space and time. Thanks to something called Meme, Man is able to spread information both vertically, from one generation to another, being even able to send information in the future; and horizontally, from one country/place to another. A Meme is anything transmitted with culture: written articles, books, oral concepts and even things, as any discovery and any invention is a Meme. Keeping  memetic information, is as important as keeping genetic information. Divulgation is a form of Meme sharing. When one divulgate something, the information becomes stronger, because people can take it, use it, and discovery something new about it.

The network PathChooser is still a young cooperation between institutes from European countries, but the aim is big: investigating at the nano-level to overcome barriers for medical applications. We work in the novel, exciting field of nanomedicine, and we share and divulgate our information inside and outside the network. We have the basis for a great result and in any case we are a fundamental ring of the chain, each discovery or invention will be a Meme. It is not important for a scientist to be remembered for his name, the important thing is to contribute, because this make us humans.

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Martina Tuttolomondo

Molecular Oncology, Institute for Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark.

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